Kirsten and Alex Engagement at Hycroft Manor

June 26, 2024

Joseph Wu


Love at the Manor..

As we reflect on our journey as wedding photographers, we are constantly reminded of the power of capturing raw emotions and moments of love.

The beauty of human connection is truly an awe-inspiring thing, and being able to freeze those moments in time is something that’s so so special.

When Kirsten and Alex reached out and shared their vision to us for their engagement photos at Hycroft Manor, we were thrilled!

The elegant architecture of the Manor never fails to transport us to a Europe for a moment in time, and we knew that it would provide the perfect backdrop for their intimate session. As we wandered, I couldn’t help but be entertained by the way Kirsten and Alex loved.

There is something truly special about capturing love in its purest form. The stolen glances, the tender touches, the moments of laughter and joy – these are the things that make our hearts sing as wedding photographers.

Kirsten and Alex’s session was a beautiful blend of modern elegance and timeless romance, and we feel so grateful to have been able to document their love story in such a stunning setting.

As we continue to grow in our craft, we are constantly seeking out new ways to push ourselves creatively.

Photography is so much more than just taking pictures – it’s about capturing the essence of a moment and the spirit of a person.

It’s about telling a story through images, and creating visuals that resonates with the viewer on a soulful level.

Working with couples like Kirsten and Alex reminds us why we fell in love with photography in the first place. It’s not just about the technical aspects or the composition – it’s about the human connection, the emotional resonance, the shared experience of creating something beautiful together. 

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